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Design is the key

“So subtle and elegant. Beth…you have the best hats of anyone!”  –Nancy Rojo

How does someone become a milliner of hats for carriage driving competitions? It was not a far step for Beth Scott to apply her abilities to designing and constructing hats for carriage Light & Medium Sage Green with White Sinamay Topperdriving competition.

Beth grew up in the women’s fashion industry. She worked alongside her mother in a St. Louis department store that had been in her family for generations.

After immersing herself in design and construction concepts in college, she became an award winning landscape architect.  Her work brought functional artistry to parks, commercial and public works projects, and to people’s homes.

Design and interpreting client needs have been Beth Scott’s lifetime work.

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In 2009, Beth Scott and her husband, Bruce, began competing in Combined Driving. They loved the sport but Beth was frustrated at finding “a proper hat”.  Naturally, she started constructing hats for herself. Quickly thereafter she was helping friends and fellow competitors to have their own “Proper Hats”!

Husband Bruce, an engineer (and outstanding navigator for CDEs!), was all in. A  Proper Hat is a team effort by Beth and Bruce. Beth provides the discerning design and Bruce is involved in blocking hats and helping with the “heavy lifting”!


What makes a great hat for carriage driving competitions?

“Your hats are THE BEST! Your hats say CLASS and STYLE from 50 feet away.” –Tracy Boers

minty seafoam sinamayA Proper Hat is dedicated to the driving world because not any hat will do for the sport. Driving hats require particular designs and details to complete a winning turnout. Beth employs her experience in ladies fashions, her talent for distinctive design, and her ability to coordinate a pleasing composition for the judge’s eye.

Beth Scott’s specialty is designing custom hats to fit the particular wants and needs of drivers.

“Your hats should be referred to as works of art” –Cindy Gibson

Why a Proper Hat?

  • Beth Scott has a sensitive intuition toward pleasing her customers.
  • As a driving competitor herself, she understands the requirements of the sport and the nuances that make an outstanding turnout.
  • Her design knowledge delivers attractive hats and accessories that meet her clients preferences and needs.
  • A Proper Hat’s many clients come back again and again.
  • And Bruce is a gem!

If you would like to see Bruce and Beth at an event, please contact us.

How can a Proper Hat help you:

Beth Scott gives talks on:

  • How hats are made
  • Caring for hats
  • How to choose a hat
  • Turnout tips
  • How to tie scarves
  • The perfect driving apron
  • How to keep your hat on

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A Proper Hat supports these Carriage Driving Organizations

American Driving Society

United States Equestrian Federation

United States Driving for the Disabled

Carriage Association of America

Northern California Driving Club

Western Whips and Wheels

High Mountain Riders

Arizona Driving and Carriage Society